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A Girl From Fiction [userpic]
The Plot
by A Girl From Fiction (girlfromfiction)
at August 13th, 2008 (05:54 am)

You have just woke up. The only thing that you really do know is that you don't belong here. This wasn't where you last were. This was so surreal. So dreamlike. You hear the hushed whispers from the others, and you realize that some or them are your friends. Others unknown. You hear about this thing called anime and you walk to the nearest library and you realized that your entire life story was written out.  That it was fake. Created by a author.

You stare in amazement but then realized this place was reality and you whole past life was just a simple fiction. You can't find a way back and realizes that this is your new life.  You remember your whole past but just cannot remember how you got here. All you can see are tall buildings and cars.

And did I mention, you have to get a job?

Roleplay Starts September 1st! Unless we get at least ten characters. Then we can start even if it's not September 1st!

A Girl From Fiction [userpic]
Character Applications
by A Girl From Fiction (girlfromfiction)
at August 15th, 2008 (12:53 pm)

Step 1. Character Applications:

Name or Character:
Fandom of Character:
Is this fandom Anime/Manga or Novel?:
Age of Character (Older then fifteen):
Character's LJ:
Your LJ:
Your preferred email:
Your Age (nobody under the age of fifteen please!):

Step 2. Either send this to Stranger_then_fiction@usa.com or post it as a comment here.

Step 3. Fill out your character's Bio and add userpics.

Step 4. Click Join Community (You will be approved) if I already gave you a message, replied to your comment, or send a email back.

Step 4.5 (Will be deleted once RP starts) wait until September 1st or if we have more then 10 members we'll start.

Step 5. Post and Join the RP

Step 6. HAVE FUN!!!

A Girl From Fiction [userpic]
by A Girl From Fiction (girlfromfiction)
at August 15th, 2008 (12:53 pm)


1) Be literate, no chat speak. This applies to logs, threads, as well as journal entries. (

2) No godmoding or powerplaying AT ALL.

3) First Person Please! but with "quotation" marks.


5) You cannot apply for more than 3 characters per person. If you wish to play THE main character (such as Harry Potter), then the other two must be minors.

6) If the Book/Manga have have two or more parts (hence Naruto and Naruto Shippuden) You must STATE it on your character's bio.

8) Be ACTIVE. AT LEAST three posts a month please!

9) Show RESPECT to other players. Yep, even if the character from canon is a total *******

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